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I am doing Undertale request :)
Pixel Art ~ Freddy Fazbear by SonicFazbear15
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Rarity and AppleJack by CatherineCurse Rarity and AppleJack :iconcatherinecurse:CatherineCurse 19 4 Kazehana with Apron Base by ShinanaEvangelian1 Kazehana with Apron Base :iconshinanaevangelian1:ShinanaEvangelian1 50 0 So..... You can Play with Fire now? by CriminalArtist5 So..... You can Play with Fire now? :iconcriminalartist5:CriminalArtist5 1 0 I'm bored so im gonna Upload this xD by CriminalArtist5 I'm bored so im gonna Upload this xD :iconcriminalartist5:CriminalArtist5 1 0 No tengo que Publicar by CriminalArtist5 No tengo que Publicar :iconcriminalartist5:CriminalArtist5 1 0 MLP Base #17 We will stand for Everfree! by CriminalArtist5 MLP Base #17 We will stand for Everfree! :iconcriminalartist5:CriminalArtist5 10 2
Door knob
In a brightly lit hall full of doors, a smartly dressed woman in a business suit gives a tour of the facility to a group of interns.  “This facility is one of a kind, and represents the pinnacle of our research in the paranormal.  Not only containing poltergeist, oddities and mutations, but also the last known specimens of some mythical creatures and for mentioned ‘monsters’, are contained in the most scientific and secure facility in the world!  Any questions?  Yes…yes you in the back”
“Why the old fashioned door knobs?”
“Ever see,Jurassic Park? Some of the specimens do possess rudimentary intelligence, and all the doors are computer controlled and cardkey locked, but sometimes the best defense is old fashioned common sense. But what you would call,’ an old fashioned doorknob’ is in fact the top-of-the-lined defense against escape!
After all, please bear in mind, all of the security of this facility is not designed to keep y
:iconjwa2277:JWA2277 2 5
Sequester Comes to Jellystone National Park.
March 10, 2013 somewhere in Jellystone national park
“Oh no this I a disaster!” Yogi Bear, with both hands on top of his head, stares with a panicked expression at a notice Ranger Smith has just nailed to a tree
Boo Boo: ”What’s a matter Yogi?”
Yogi Bear: “Just look at that notice… ‘Due to budget cut and sequester, Jellystone National Park will open two weeks late…’ No tourists, no Picnickers… How will get any picnic baskets, will starve to death!”
Boo Boo, “It ok Yogi, that man over there, he is from the social welfare and unemployment office, he gave me this”
he holds out his hand, in it is a small black box.
Yogi picks it up.
Yogi: ”What’s this?... I can’t eat this!!”
Boo Boo: ”No Yogi, it’s not for eating it an ’Obamaphone’! A free cell phone from the government!
Maybe we can call for help, or order a pizza; maybe we should call that Godfather's Piz
:iconjwa2277:JWA2277 2 3
December 26 by JWA2277 December 26 :iconjwa2277:JWA2277 9 24 Yellow and Blue Diamond Bendy by KadiandSonic Yellow and Blue Diamond Bendy :iconkadiandsonic:KadiandSonic 28 12 Ask the Characters (Question 93) by CAcartoon Ask the Characters (Question 93) :iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 58 61
Five Nights of Fright ( The Plan )
Chapter 2
Third Person's P.O.V.
Freddy groaned as he awoke from a sleep that felt like forever. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up. " Where am I.....", he spoke to himself. He then realized his condition. Fixed up, no more buttons, visible freckles, and all cleaned up. Freddy carefully examined himself when he noticed a sleeping bunny on his right. " Bonnie?...", he called out, gently shaking the bunny. Bonnie slowly woke up, holding his guitar in his arms, " Hmmmm...huh?...." He sat up and yawned, then his eyes widened when he saw the bear, " Freddy?" Over joyed to see his brother again, he tackled the bear into a hug. Freddy chuckled as he embraced his little brother for the first time in a while, tears starting to form in his eyes, " Good to see you too bud."  Bonnie released the hug to allow Freddy to get a good look at him. He too had no buttons and had his face and arm again, and was all cleaned up. Freddy choked up as he placed a hand on Bonnie's cheek, " Look at
:iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 2 0
Five Nights of Fright ( The Final Run )
Chapter 1
Vincent's P.O.V.
" So I expect you to stand guard here until the job is done TOMORROW. No one is to come near here. And make sure that stuff toy stays in place." Spring nodded at me as that sorry excuse for a puppet/nephew banged against the wall of the box yelling at us to let him out. I left the building before anyone caught me. This has to work. I spent too long planning this since this business even started. Causing her to leave me. It's all my brother's fault. Him and my father's stupid ideas . Maggie looks like her with her eyes. Fredrick will pay dearly for what he's done and making this business not even worth the time. This will give me a chance to finally seek my revenge and take this company to a better place. It's all for you pumpkin....all of you..
Mike's P.O.V.
We spent hours working on this plan of ours and I have to say, this might actually work. The girls got all we needed and even the truck. Now we just need to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.
:iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 4 0
Five Nights of Fright ( Unraveling the Past)
Chapter 15
Third Person's P.O.V.
Half way through the week, the animatronics were doing their best to scare him. All their attempts were working but he always came back. Bonnie groaned as he rubbed what was left of his forehead , " This isn't working, he's still coming back." " Aye, the lad's tougher then he looks.", Foxy agreed. Chica looked worried , " I guess he really needs the money." Freddy shrugged, " I guess so. Gotta say, the kid's got guts." Ted came in, he looked worried. Freddy went to his cousin , " Is something wrong Ted?"" It's Mangle, she's.....well....", he stuttered. Foxy jumped up, " She's what? What's the matter with me lass?" Ted was about to say something when they heard a crash from Kids Cove. They all got scared. Golden came in, " That doesn't sound good." " Let's go!", Foxy yelled as he darted towards Kids Cove with the others following the fox.
In Kids Cove, things weren't going so well. Mangle's eyes were pitch black with white dots, still in disrepair but wo
:iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 2 22
Five Nights of Fright ( Unraveling the Past)
Chapter 16
Third Person's P.O.V.
Jeremy laid silently in the hospital, no movement what's so ever. The heart monitor beeped steadily and Jeremy slept. Mrs.Fitzgerald held her son's hand with tears in her eyes. Fritz sat next to her, doing his best to comfort her. A knock came from the door, and entered was Mr.Fazbear with Maggie with a bouquet of flowers and an envelope. Mrs. Fitzgerald wiped away her tears as she saw the man and child ever weed the room, " I didn't think you'd come here." " Hey, no matter what Jeremy and y'all are practically family. I'd never leave family behind.", Mr.Fazbear smiled softly. Maggie walked over to the bedside table and set the bouquet down, " These are for Jeremy. It's to say thank you for saving me. " Mr.Fazbear handed Mrs.Fitzgerald the envelope , " And this is for you. To say we're sorry and we're grateful for what your son did for my family. " Mrs. Fitzgerald opened the envelope and gasped as she looked at a check for 300,000 dollars. She looked at
:iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 2 55
Five Nights of Fright ( The Finale Run ) Preview by CAcartoon Five Nights of Fright ( The Finale Run ) Preview :iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 16 58
Some of my favorite stuff from DA


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:tears: this is also Lexi's response to Fazbear Entertainment for hurting her and then abandoning her
Katie: is this about the missing animatronic?
Chica: missing animatronic?
Katie: the one that was an animatronic bear like Freddy and Foxy had a major crush on her
Bonnie: *looks around but doesn't see Freddy * you mean Lexi?
Chica: * remembers* oh you mean Lexi Fazbear?
Katie: yes I found her
Freddy: *excited *you found Lexi?!
Me: Hello Freddy
Freddy: * hugs me as happy tears fall down his face *
Foxy: * blushing * yer still the same beautiful lass I remember
Me: * blushing *
A Five Nights At Freddy's RP for me and :iconkatamariluv:
Me: * sitting in a corner holding my Freddy plushie *
Lily and Daisy: is that a Freddy plushie?
Me: * embarrassed about the fact that they saw it * yes
Daisy: wouldn't Freddy find that weird if he found out you have a plushie of him?
Me: of course I'm the weird one around here
Lola: ya need to leave her alone mates or I'll tell Bonnie and Chica ya know that's bullying right?
Me: I'll show Freddy my plushie of him
Freddy: plushie of who?
Me: * my ears lower as I show him my plushie of him * I'm sorry Freddy * cries *
A Five Nights At Freddy's RP for me and :iconkatamariluv: ( if she wants to * curls up in a corner and cries *)
Lexi's reaction to Fangle
Me: * heartbroken * Foxy... *runs off crying *
I just published "Chapter 1: Adoption " of my story "Adopted by Mickey Mouse ".
I just published "Chapter 2: Bringing Borris back to life " of my story "An Old Friend a BATIM story".
Me: You've never had a real birthday before
Except, of course, the ones just spent outside my locked door
So I'm here way too late to help you celebrate
And be your birthday date if I may...Achoo!
Freddy: Lexi , I'm thinking you might have a cold
Me: I don't get cold, besides
A cold never bothered me anyway

Just follow the string!

I've got big plans, I've got surprises for today
Nothing but nothing’s gonna get in our way
I've worked for weeks, planned everything within my power
I even got Lily and Daisy to get off their lazy butts

If someone wants to hold me back
I'd like to see them try
I'm on the birthday plan attack
I'm giving you the sun, the moon, and the sky

I'm making today a perfect day for you
I'm making today a blast if it's the last thing I do
For everything you are to me and all you've been through
I'm making today a perfect day for you

Achoo, achoo

Freddy: They come in threes!

I'm fine achoo!

Surprise, surprise this one especially, achoo!

Freddy: Wow, you've got me reeling, but I'm still concerned for you
I think it's time that you go home and get some rest

We are not stopping cause the next one is the best ah achoo!

Freddy: Lexi , you gotta go lie down

Me: No way, we have to paint the town

But you need medical attention

Are you sick? How 'bout a cold remedy
Of my own invention

No thanks

We'll take it

Children: We're making today a perfect day for you (making today a special day)

We're singing a birthday song to make your wishes come true (wishes come true)

Children: We love Prince Freddy

Me: And I love you too

Children: So we're making today a perfect day (a fabulous day in every way)
Yes we are making today a perfect day

Me: Come on! Now we climb!

Freddy: Lexi that's too much, you'll overheat

Me: No we need to get to our birthday chills I mean thrills!

Making dreams
Making plans
Go go go go!
Follow the string to the end
You are my very best friend

Freddy: Lexi?!

Me: What? I'm fine

We're gonna climb
We're gonna sing
Follow the string
To the thing

Happy happy happy
Merry merry merry!

Freddy: Woah! Lexi, look at you. You've got a fever. You're burning up!
All right, we can't go on like this
Let's put this day on hold
Come on, admit it to yourself

Me: Okay
I have a cold
I'm sorry Freddy. I just wanted to give you one perfect birthday, but I ruined it. Again

Freddy: You didn't ruin anything. Let's just get you to bed

Everyone: Surprise!
Freddy: Wow! Me: wow...

All: We're making today a perfect day for you
We're making today a smiley face all shiny and new

Toy Chica: There's a fine line between chaos

Toy Bonnie: And a hullabaloo

All: So we're making today a perfect day
Making today a perfect day

Making today a perfect day for you

Toy Chica: Happy birthday

Making today a happy day and no feeling blue Toy Chica: (I love you baby!)

For everything you are to us
And all that you do

I do

We're making today a perfect day
Making today a perfect day
We're making today a perfect day

Me: Perfect day

Freddy: Okay, to bed with you

Me: No, wait, wait all that's left to do is for the queen to blow the birthday bugle horn!

Freddy: Oh, no no no no no no no


Freddy: Best birthday present ever

Me: Which one?

Freddy: You letting me take care of you

A Five Nights At Freddy's RP for me and :iconkatamariluv:
Just finished watching a TV show from my childhood Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
A Five Nights At Freddy's RP for me and :iconkatamariluv: (if she wants to) where Freddy and the gang meet the new animatronic little do they know that the new animatronic is an animatronic bear
Me:*scared * what do you want? * shakes in fear because I'm scared *
Info on Leia
Name: Leia The Fox/Fazbear
Age: she's an animatronic she can't age but if she were a human I'd say 13
Family: Lexi Fazbear (mother)
Foxy The Pirate Fox (father)
Freddy Fazbear (uncle)
Kathy Fazbear (aunt)
Luke Fazbear (twin brother)
Bonnie The Bunny (godfather and adoptive uncle)
Samuel and Selene Fazbear (younger brother and sister)
Foxy Jr (younger brother)
Fifi The Dog (adoptive aunt )
Chica The Chicken (adoptive aunt and godmother)
Bonnetta The Bunny (adoptive cousin/ best friend )
Amanda Fazbear (daughter of Freddy and Toy Chica) (cousin)
Kitty The Cat (adoptive aunt )
Funtime Balloon Girl (adoptive aunt)
Moria The Mouse (adoptive aunt)
Me: * looking at sepicplier art* People Mark has a girlfriend
Fan: Freddy was there really a "Lexi Fazbear "
Freddy:  *tearing up * yes she was my sister
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hey there I'm Lexi Fazbear an animatronic bear living at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria I'm the younger sister of the famous Freddy Fazbear

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(Request) Anti Mpreg Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Freddy is cute stamp by Bonniethebunnyatfnaf
Ghost stamp by Yoursoulbelongstomethumb74504239:

14 pink by PaleoClipperArt
[CE] Bonnie-X-Chica by Cat-Cipher

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Tomboy and Girly-Girl by Linkerbell
Pegasister Stamp by susieboo22
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Five Nights At Clifford's
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